Jan 20, 2009

We have a winner!

Congrats to Tracy A. who was the winner of the FREE idea book and catalog and $25 gift certificate! For any others who would like a copy of the new catalog, you can get your hands on one for a small fee of $5 (just the cost of the catalog). Send me an e-mail and we can work out the arrangements.

In the meantime, here is another sample card using the new Level 3 Hostess set called goody-goody gumdrops:

Tracy I'll see you Tuesday night at club where I'll give you your catalog and gift certificate. For everyone posting comments... thanks for looking.

Jan 19, 2009

It' here! It's here!

Well today is the big day when I have to narrow my $1,000 wish list down by oh, I don't know, $500-$800 dollars or so! Hee hee.... The new Stampin' Up Idea book and catalog goes "live" today at 2:00 p.m. And in honor of the big day, I'm giving away a FREE 2009 Spring/Summer Idea Book and Catalog to one of my lucky blog visitors.... along with a $25 gift certificate! All you have to do to be entered is post a comment on this post and at the end of the day I will draw a name out of all the entries and post the winner online.

I unfortunately, haven't had time to make a new card with any of the sneak peek stamp sets I bought because I've been busy with a couple of other projects. So I'm going to post a couple of cards from my uber-talented upline Karen Landry. She used the new honey bee set called "Just Buzzin' By", which is super cute.

That's just a small little peek at what is inside the new catalog... just another hint all the hearts were made using a new punch that is in the Love You Much bundle.

I can't wait for you to get your hands on the new catalog... I think you are going to love it! You can also view it on my website after 2 p.m.

Jan 14, 2009

The new catalog is here!

I'm sorry I disappeared for a couple of days... the new Spring/Summer Stampin' Up catalog has arrived! Now none of the products are available for purchase until Jan. 19, but I've been busy, busy, busy working on my wish list... or should I say narrowing it down! With my first look through I came out with a wish list over $1,000.... so needless to say I need to knock that down a bit. Now is a great time to book a workshop and earn some free stamps and accessories.... I have to say I am very excited about the new accessories including new textured and embossing dies for the big shot! Very cool. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to preview any of the items until the release of the catalog... but you may want to check back on Monday for a chance to win a FREE idea book and catalog and a $25.00 gift certificate! More details Monday.....

Jan 10, 2009

A little challenge

One of my goals this year is to get more of my own scrapbooking done, but I've kind of been without inspiration lately. So for this layout I decided to give myself a "recipe" before I sat down to scrap. Here was the recipe:

Two colors of cardstock (I chose bravo burgandy and Pink Pirouette)
One neutral color cardstock (very vanilla)
One sheet of two-sided DSP (Parisian Summer)
A dash of ribbon
Baroque Motifs Stamp Set (I hadn't used it in a while)
A piece of Hodgepodge hardware

It took me a while to get into the groove -- it's been quite a while since I scrapbooked just for fun! But here is the end result:

So next time you are stuck, try narrowing down your overwhelming supply of goodies to just a few BEFORE you start scrappin'. It might just work! I'd love to see what you come up with using this recipe! Feel free to post your version in the comments.

Jan 2, 2009

The Squirrel Sagas

Happy 2009!
I hope you had a more exciting start to the New Year than I did... I was in bed at 11:15 and slept right through the start of 2009. Oh well, at least I started the New Year well-rested!
On New Year's Day my family always celebrates the New Year at my Mom's for a buffet style dinner and this year I made her a happy New Year squirrel card, which she promptly added to her file folder dubbed "The Squirrel Sagas".
O.K. so I have to back up a bit here. When I was a kid I used to have an imaginary blue squirrel that I brought everywhere. Even though this squirrel was imaginary, he and I managed to get ourselves into a lot of trouble. I once "tripped" my mother while she was carrying a full load of laundry across the living room because I screamed, "Mom, look out!". So naturally she thought she was going to step on me, our dog, or perhaps some dangerous toy left hanging around. Well, in her attempt not to trip over whatever I was screaming about, she tripped herself and down she went -- along with all the nicely folded clothes!
Meanwhile, I walk over and pick up this imaginary blue squirrel and begin petting it as I tell her you almost stepped on my squirrel! Mom was not too happy about my imagination at this point.
On another occasion I began screaming my head off when my Dad closed the door of the car. Not knowing what my problem was, he looked at my Mom for some help. She wasn't too clear why I was having a fit either, but I evidentally indicated they should open the door. So my Dad opened the car door and lo and behold the screaming stopped. You see, the squirrel's tale was caught in the door!
So having explained all this, now you know why when a couple of years ago when Stampin' Up introduced the Super Squirrel stamp set, I had to have it even though most other demonstrators were not a fan of this quirky stamp set.
Well, now the Blue squirrel makes regular appearances at my home -- and he's no longer a figment of my imagination! See for yourself:

The original card(above) ... and the many more that followed (below):

(I know, he's not blue in this one. But it's very hard to work blue into a Valentine's Day card!)

This was for Mother's Day last year.

Here's to a creative (and imaginative) 2009! Happy New Year!

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