May 29, 2009

Lots to share....

Hmmm... so many things I want to say... not sure where to start! Let's start with the great promotion Stampin' Up is running in June! Hostesses get the opportunity to earn EXTRA FREE stuff! With an in-home or catalog workshop, hostesses with workshop sales between $250 and $399 get an extra $20 in hostess benefits for a total of $45 in free merchandise-- Yipee! With a workshop $400 or over you get an extra $40 in hostess benefits for a total of $85 or more ($85 is for a $400 workshop)... how cool is that? This is in addition to the free exclusive stamp sets you earn as a hostess... Don't delay in setting your workshop date with me... I anticipate my calendar will fill up fast!

On to other news... I've been in a little bit of a funk lately... disappointed with my current job (not Stampin' Up -- just wish hubby would let me do that full-time!), not sure what I want to be when I grow up (shouldn't I know that by now?). I've been thinking about doing all sorts of things lately... I think that may be my problem... I like too many things!

On the "potentials" list: real estate agent (I know bad economy - but its got to get better soon!), teacher, web designer, or even go spend the summer waitressing (sometimes its good to have a job that really, honestly provides no stress... and lots of money!).

Anyway, a while back I created a dream journal (you know the kind where you document what you want from life, not what you dreamt about last night -- although those are fun too!) and I think I'm now ready to write in it (maybe!)... well, as soon as I figure out what it is I want to do with myself! Ha! (Viscious cycle, huh?)

I used all Stampin' Up supplies as it was for a contest that my upline was running and here is what it looked like... I was really happy with it. In fact, I'm not sure I'll be able to "mess it up" by writing in it... but I need to get over that! I've honestly learned that when you write goals down... they really, truly do happen more often! It's happened to me several times in the past with my Stampin' Up business... I'd write something down at the urging of my wonderful upline, Karen, and then with in the next month or two, BAM... it would happen! Love that!

So go ahead and try it... write some goals down today and put them somewhere where you see them often and see what happens... what could you lose?

Fun, huh? So feel free to help me figure out what I want to be in life... did you want to do something when you were young and ended up doing something totally different? Or perhaps you are like me and mid-life discovered you weren't where you wanted to be? Feel free to leave a comment... I love that!

Lastly, just a quick update on my status over at Memorable Seasons.... today is the last day for voting in week 3... (until 3 p.m. CST)... feel free to pop on over and vote for me! My layout for this week is below... we had to use at least two completely different types of fonts on our layouts...

If you haven't checked out Memorable Seasons it's a great group of gals that are really nice.... and you can participate in the Last Scrapper Standing contest, too... just enter layouts and each week in addition to the main prize for those who are still competing... there is a weekly drawing from all participants.... fun!

Have a great weekend!

May 21, 2009

I'm still in!

So last week I mentioned I was participating in the Last Scrapper Standing contest at the Memorable Seasons blog and thankfully I survived last week!

Today begins another round of voting through tomorrow at 3 p.m. (CST). Our challenge was to use three photos and mat them on black paper. Those were the only rules... this is what I came up with....

That's me and Nana at my wedding two years ago... I LOVE these photos... especially the one on the right... I love how we are so engaged in talking. It's like she was giving me some words of wisdom on marriage, which perhaps she was, but I, unfortunately, don't remember what we were talking about! Just another reason why I should start journaling every day... to remember these little tid-bits.
On this layout I actually used all Stampin' Up products... mainly the Sweet Nothings Simply Scrappin' kit and those fabulous crochet flowers --- both of which I've been hoarding, but not using!!! (Why do we do that?)
Anyway, there are currently 12 participants left and they will eliminate two this week -- bringing the total down to 10. If you would like to vote for me (which I would much appreciate) or want to check out some fabulous eye candy head over to the Memorable Seasons Week 2 voting now!

May 20, 2009

I will miss you....

I am sooo going to miss the Stampin' Up In Colors this year! The new catalog comes out on July 1 and with each new July catalog, Stampin' Up introduces a brand new set of six In Colors based on the trendy colors in the industry.

This year I have absolutely loved Kiwi Kiss, Baja Breeze and Pink Pirouette! See when there are no more In Colors, I can't make this card:

I love the Bella Rose DSP, too (which is used on the card).... The good news is that I'll get my hands on the new catalog by mid-June, which is way earlier than usual.... I think it's going to be a great catalog and can't wait!

May 19, 2009

Remembering an Old Friend

I went to a memorial last night for a dear old friend of mine, Mr. Thornton Gibbs. I first met Mr. Gibbs when I was 8. My mother and I had gone to the July 4 antiques fair in Wareham and included in our ticked was free admission to The Fearing Tavern museum. There were rumors that there was a secret passage in that tavern and I wanted to go in there badly!

So I begged my Mom the whole time she was shopping and we eventually went into the old house, which was originally built in 1690 and then added onto several times.

We made it through about four rooms and me and Mr. Gibbs (the tour guide) had become fast friends. We were in the Tap Room (where the stage coach used to stop) and a train was coming by. Mr. Gibbs stopped the whole tour... opened the stage coach door and beckoned for me to come stand in front of the screen door. And from there I had a front row view of the train passing by. When it had passed, Mr. Gibbs continued the tour -- gearing most of it directly to me.

Every year for years my mother and I would continue the tradition of touring The Fearing Tavern every Fourth of July and many times we had Mr. Gibbs again.

Ten years later, after I graduated from high school, I loved that tavern so much that I became one of the first docents the Wareham Historical Society hired to give tours. And I continued doing that for four summers... loving every minute of it.

So last night at the memorial for Mr. Gibbs who recently died (after a grand life -- he was into his 90s and active right up until the end) I told the story of how me and Mr. Gibbs became such good friends. And my mother chimed in after I had told my story saying, every time she saw Thornton he would ask how's the "little one" (me)?

Not two minutes after my Mom and I had finsihed our story.... what happened? The train went by! Don't worry, Mr. Gibbs, the "little one" got the message. May you give grand tours of the great old home in the sky!

May 18, 2009

Loving the warmer weather!

Guess where we went this past weekend?? Yup... a trip to Provincetown! It was great weather Saturday... SO Matt and I decided to venture down to the tip of Cape Cod and dine at the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner (Micheal Shay's). Matt really likes the salad bar there and the prime rib is really yummy. Although, this time I had baked stuff haddock and that was really good, too.
So with the obligatory stop at the fudge shop and the Portugeuse Bakery and we were on our way home.
I can't wait until I have some time to scrapbook a few of the photos... for once I didn't forget to bring the camera!

May 15, 2009

Vote for Me!

Hey everyone...

So... to help me get out of my scrapbooking rut lately I decided to do something I've never done before -- participate in an online, 6-week scrapping contest! This week is the first voting session and there are 14 entries and only 12 will survive.

I'm new to the board so I'm not sure if I'll get a lot of votes, but I'd thought I'd appeal to some of my scrappy friends :o)

So if your interested in keeping a girls' spirit up (wink, wink) head on over to the Last Scrapper Standing forum at Memorable Seasons and vote for three of your favorite layouts. Of course, only vote for mine if you think it is one of the best, but I am Jeno44. You can see the layout below....

Thanks for your support!

The assignment was to create a page around the them "why I scrap". The journaling reads: 1. Creativity 2. release 3. legacy 4. family 5. connections 6. remember 7. everyday 8. life 9. tribute 10. friends 11. paper 12. accept 13. document 14. challenge 15. fun 16. capture 17. learn 18. preserve 19. love. 20. accomplishment 21. new 22. make 23. live 24. laughter 25. fulfillment 26. cherish 27. simplify 28. happiness 29. shop 30. sharing 31. joy 32. heartache 33. voice 34. play 35. blessings 36. record 37. moments 38. me 39. you 40. artistry 41. color 42. bling 43. messy 44. organize 45. thoughts 46. heal 47. thanks 48. babies 49. time 50. beauty

May 12, 2009

Happy belated Mother's Day and the winner is.....

Can I just say that this whole work thing gets in the way of my crafting, my social calendar and -- my blogging! Anyway, Happy belated Mother's Day to all the Moms! I spent a fabulous day at my sister's house with her family, my bro's family and -- of course -- my Mom! Per her request I made her a paper tree like the one my fabulous ladies of stamp club #2 gave me (don't worry stamp club #1 - I love you just as much!) for Christmas. When I showed my Mom she wanted to steal it... I had to barter with her until she said that if I made her one I could keep mine. Geesh!

So I was afraid if I didn't make her one soon, she may kidnap mine on her next visit, so Voila:

As you can see, she was so excited! I know, I know that's not Stampin' Up paper (Gasp!) -- but she was very particular and wanted black and white for her porch and SU doesn't have any black and white patterned paper.

As a godmother, I got a fabulous red gerber daisy flower from my niece for Mother's Day (speaking of which I should go water it before I kill it only two days into my ownership!) and overall had a great day.

After the Mom's went home, us "kids" (and I use that term loosely and you'll hear why in a minute) went and played softball at the ball park in my sister's neighborhood. Oh my goodness!!! Can I just tell you I don't think I've hurt like that in years... in fact I don't think I have run like that in years -- in ballet flats, no less (it was an impromptu game)!

All my sore bones on Monday were worth it though as we won 17 to 15 (although if you ask my nephew, we cheated -- but he always says that!).

Ok, Ok... I know you can't stand my babbling any longer. Do you want to know who one the Pink Pirouette patterned paper? Congratulations, Shannon C! I will mail it out to you -- unless you expect to be in Hyannis or on the Cape sometime soon in which case I will meet you somewhere. Just e-mail me and let me know what works best for you.
Hope you are all enjoying this fabulous weather! Ta Ta for now....

May 2, 2009

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

I hope you are enjoy some crafty fun this weekend! I have to say that I had a little of my creativity come back for a simple page yesterday afternoon that I'm actually happy with... and it's the first in my "official" wedding album. You see, I've scrapped a bunch of my wedding photos, but there in all different styles and colors and I want to create an album that is sort of a unified look for the wedding. I've decided to use the Parisian Breeze Speciality paper from Stampin' Up as my color scheme. It's very pretty and classic. I didn't want to make the pages too over the top either as I want this to be a classic album rather than trendy. So here is the first page:

The journaling reads: 1. The ceremony Shoe 2. The dress 3. The centerpiece 4. The cake 5. The Provincetown Inn 6. The reception shoe
Very simple, but I'm happy. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few more pages -- either of the wedding or anything else for that matter - done before the end of the weekend. I love how you get the "bug" once you finish a page... It's like all you can think about is getting back to scrappin'!
Anyway, enough about me.... how are your scrappin' projects goin'? Well, I'm hoping I may be able to help with a little giveaway! In honor of National Scrapbooking Day I'm giving away a package of the 12 X 12 Pink Pirouette patterns designer series paper from Stampin' Up. It's a very cool color - one that I will be sad to see go when the In Colors change this year!
If you'd like to enter to win just tell me your favorite Stampin' Up product in the comments below and I'll draw a winner next weekend - by May 10.
Also be sure to check out my website for a couple of new Stampin' Up promotions to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day. The first is a free designer series paper campaign where if you buy three you get one free and the second is a special where you can sign on as a demonstrator for just $75 with a special scrapbooking themed starter kit. Click here to learn more about both promotions.
Happy Scrappin'!

May 1, 2009

What is it with me?

Ok... so I had the day off today... I decided yesterday that I needed a mental health day and asked if I could take today off and voila! And right before National Scrapbooking Day... Well here it is 12:40 in the afternoon and what have I done?? Yes, I washed the sheets on the bed and tidied up my scraproom and even sorted through hundreds of wedding photos (from two years ago mind you), but really haven't gotten any closer to creating a layout!
Why am I so crippled in creativity these days? I'm going to have to go back and re-read Ali Edwards blog post today about breaking out of a rut... how appropriate!!!
Happy scrappin! Here's hoping I'll have something to show you soon!
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