May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

These are my new favorite flowers to make and they are sooo easy! This is actually a sneak peek of my Mom's Mother's Day gift this year.
I'm actually very happy with how it turned out and can't wait to give it to her today.

It's really a representation of her "real" gift. You see, last year my sister came up with a fantastic idea of taking my Mom to Sturbridge Village for Mother's Day. So we gave her a picture of the two of us from my wedding and told her the picture would be replaced with a picture from our overnight trip to Sturbridge Village in September. We picked September because my Mom used to go to Sturbridge and/or Deerfield with my Dad in the fall because they like the foliage.
It's also her birthday in September so she gets to pick her birthday presents out from each of us while we're on the trip. Two birds with one stone. And the best part... I can't even tell you how happy it made my Mom. She was on cloud nine I think for at least a week after we got home.
It was rather cute, too, as we were leaving she asked, "So are we going to do this again next year?" Absolutely Mom!
So here is a shadow box I made using pictures from last year to repersent our fall 2010 trip, which will be todays Mother's Day gift (Warning: the supplies I used on this project were not Stampin' Up -- Gasp! -- We don't currently have any black and white paper and my Mom has a toile room that I was trying to coordinate with) You can click on the image to see it larger:

I'm so glad my Mom and I get along so well. I tell you it wasn't always that way! There were a few years in college where I thought we may never speak again. But I'm very fortunate since I was six years younger than my sister (pictured in the blue shirt) and nine years younger than my older brother (his wife is pictured in the bottom right photo on the right next to my beautiful niece) I spent a lot of time with my Mom as a kid.
She used to take me antique shopping with her (always telling me to keep my hands in my pocket and don't touch anything!), she was always my "editor" for my term papers in high school and college and she is my biggest cheerleader (she used to always tell me I could do anything I want to do if I wanted to do it badly enough and because it was from her I believed it!).
I actually got my love for writing, in a way, from her. When we would take those trips to the antique stores I eventually found the bookshelvs and Mom OK'd my looking through (and picking up) the books. On one of those first ventures through the bookshelves I found this:

I was attracted most by the flower printed cover and foil leaf edging, but inside were poems from all the great authors including Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite at the time.
I then fell in love with the inscription: "Lily, From Flick Xmas 1895." I now have probably hundreds of small little poem books, but I think this is still one of my oldest and will always be my favorite because it became a tradition for Mom and me to look for old poem books on every trip from then on out. She even will pick one up for me sometimes when she finds one on her own.
I'm so grateful I have such a great relationship with my Mom. I know I'm probably the cause of many of the gray hairs on her head (although I think my sister caused a lot more than me! lol), but she will always be the most beautiful woman in the world to me.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

May 7, 2010

I'm feeling old...

Today, I'm up early again (boy the sun starts to come out at 5 a.m. now!) because I was feeling restless.
Well, actually I initially woke up because darling hubby spilled the glass of water he always has on his nightstand when he went to shut the alarm off. The clinking of the glass on the table, the splashing noise and the following cursing jarred me awake. Lol!
Then I just couldn't go back to sleep. I was thinking about my niece's prom, which is tonight. AND the fact that she got her license yesterday! Wow. It feels like just yesterday that she was born and I would spend literally weeks at a time at my sisters house because her husband used to work late and I was still living with my parents and wanted any excuse to get out of the house!
I was texting back and forth with my sister yesterday and I felt so bad because she at one point wrote, "She just left in the car all by herself without me." And even though I knew she was probably having a difficult time with it, but not really thinking I wrote back saying remember when she was just growling at a little flower (a reference to one of those many nights I spent with her while her husband was working. Heather - my niece - was only about 6 months old and she was growling -- and I mean growling -- at a little flower that was on my sister's shirt. It was sooo funny. We even got the video camera out and taped it!).
Well, evidentally after I sent that message my sister broke down and cried. All by herself. (My Mom told me later). What a rotten sister I am, huh?
I honestly can't believe, though, that she is driving and heading out to her Junior Prom tonight! Amazing. Really. I'll try and remember to share a photo or two this weekend as I'm planning to go see her off tonight.
Anyway, on to the card. I actually had a make-and-take kit leftover from this 6 X 6 scrapbook page:

So I challenged myself to make a card out of the leftovers and this (the above card) was what I came up with. I used the fabulous Very Vintage wheel and Vintage Vogue stamp set (both were in the Occasions mini, but will be carried over to the new 2010-2011 Idea Book and catalog!! Yipee!). I love that set.

I aslo used the champagne shimmer paint from the Holiday Mini catalog, which I never got a chance to play with when the catalog was "live." Those shimmer paints are actually still available though if you would like them. They are A LOT of fun. (Frost White, 116854; Champagne Mist, 116806; Platinum, 116807. They are each $5.95 and go a LONG way... well as long as you don't dump them on the table like I did... but I digress...)
I actually inked the flowers in Soft Suede ink and then used my sponge dauber to added the Champagne mist to the flower in a couple of spots before I stamped the image. It really looks cool in person.

Well, I'm off to check off my to-do list before seeing my niece off to the Prom later today. Hopefully I'll have a much more productive day off than last week!

Thanks for stopping by....

May 6, 2010

Coming Back to Life...

So I'm finally feeling better after the pulled muscle incident of last week. Today is really the first day that I have no tinge of pain anymore when I look to the left. It was better (so that I was able to function without pain) by Monday, but there were still tinges of pain if I bent down, turned too far to the left, etc. Even yesterday if I looked all the way to the left, I would have a small nudge of pain, but this morning... A O.K.

So I'd love to go to the gym today and get back on track (I had joined Curves and done my first workout the day before the pulled muscle), but I have to admit I'm afraid of a relapse... especially considering I have tomorrow off again because I will have 40 hours in by the end of today. Last week I was so bummed on Friday when I couldn't do anything on my day off... I had so much planned! Isn't that always the way?

Anyway, I may wait until tomorrow afternoon to go so at least I'll be able to get one productive day out of the weekend. I'm sure it will be fine, though.

So last Friday when I was already bummed about not being able to do any housework (OK, I really wasn't bummed about that), craftin' or walkin' I went to answer the door at one point and this is what I saw:

Those naughty bunnies got my tulip! I really didn't think they would get that close to the house (It was literally right at the bottom of by front step)! Remember this:

Oh well, I enjoyed it while it lasted!

Well, I haven't really been able to have much scrappy fun this past week, but I thought I'd share with you a card I made for a contest I was going to enter and then.... well, I didn't. lol. I have great intentions, but no follow-through!!!

So there's a few things happening on this card. I first stamped the background with the cute little flower image from the Stampin' Up Always set in versamark and then clear embossed it. Then I dyed my chipboard brackets using chocolate chip craft ink and set those aside to dry.
I used the curly label punch to create the pumpkin pie "frame" above and below the sentiment and although you can't see it in this photo, I popped up the heart image on the right.
Lastly I added one of those adorable mini library clips and tied a small bow around the top of the clip using linen thread. I really like how this one came out.
Well, that is all for today... thanks for stopping by!

May 3, 2010

Sneak Peek - a little late

So this is the sneak peek that I intended to share with you on Friday, but I didn't have it in me to finish up the chipboard letters, take pictures and post.

Thankfully, however, my neck is back to normal (for the most part anyway) and I can resume life (already in progress).
This sneak peek includes the new Elements of Style stamp set, which I received free at the 2010 Leadership Conference in January. Love this set. It's great for those of you who like the vintage style.
I also used the smooch spritz again on this and I have to say that I am TOTALLY addicted to this stuff. I think I've already gone through a half a bottle of the vanilla shimmer and the gold glow. Must. order. more.

So here is the whole project. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while.
It is an idea journal so that when I am stumped for where to start a project or scrapbook page, I can pull out this handy, dandy book and get some quick inspiration. Inside, I have four categories. There is a section for color combos (clipping from magazines and such), layout ideas (sketches, clipping from magazines), another section for "topics," which is where I will store ideas for pages or challenges I'd like to try (such as create a page about my current likes and dislikes or document the history of why I'm a little "frog," etc.). The last section is for quotes. As an English major and a writer at heart, I love quotes. So this will be one little spot where I can keep all my favorites.
Here is a peek inside the journal:
This is from the colors section. I love Pottery Barn catalogs for this. The pictures are great inspiration for card color combos or even layout colors.

This is in the layouts section. I pulled these pictures from old Stampin' Up catalogs. That is what is so great about having each and every Idea Book and Catalog on hand. They provide the best inpsiration for projects -- even if the stamp sets are no longer current. Just replace the image with one that fits your topic or holiday and voila -- no need to create from scratch.
So now that I've shared my little journal, it's your turn to think about what you can create using some of these new Summer Mini Catalog Items. Click on the catalog cover to view it now:

Thanks for stopping by today. Feel free to e-mail me or call if you have any questions regarding the new mini or if you'd like me to send you a copy of it.

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