Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi There!

Well it's 12:33 am on Christmas morning and I think I can finally say my Christmas to-do list is done (well except the wrapping of one present!). I just finished my final Christmas card.... this one is for my nephew who is saving for a car.... therefore his present was very easy to shop for... I simply whipped out my checkbook! :)

I don't have a picture of it right now. The camera is downstairs and frankly I'm just too tired to put that much effort into this right now! Sorry.... I will post it soon though.... promise!

I just wanted to pop on here quickly to wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah or best wishes for whatever holiday it is that you celebrate this time of year! I've had a busy day of baking cookies (that's a first for me on Christmas!), wrapping presents and cleaning house.... getting ready for a full house tomorrow!

Now I'm off to wrap one last gift, put a few other presents under the tree and hopefully get a good nights sleep before tomorrow's festivities (remember how hard it used to be to sleep on Christmas Eve?? Thankfully... it's not so hard for me anymore! :)

Have a wonderful holiday!

(P.S. Is that Santa and his reinder I see out my window??)

Dec 10, 2011

New Blog Design!


So obviously I need to start with a big shout out to Erin at Designer Blogs for my new design! What do you think? I love it... so much more fun. If you want to check out other designs they have or possibly a custom design (which I hope to do some day!), click on the link on my sidebar.

Last night was fun. I had our annual Holiday Party with the members of my Stampin' Up demonstrator group, Pitta Padders. We had chinese food, gift swapping, chatting and a fun make and take!

Here are some photos.... First up is the pile of presents I had for each of the girls (if you're long distance I'll have them out shortly!). I don't know how long I'll be able to do this, but while we're still small... I love to spoil them!!

Then we enjoyed some Chinese Food... I didn't take pictures of that... I just enjoyed it without thinking of photos! :)

We had some great gift giving, too! We did a homemade gift swap -- make a gift, get one back! Here is Sally with her gift (designed by me), a journal jar:

Here's Jill with her paper tree made by Missy:

Here is Adrian with her homemade chocoalate fudge made by Sally (Yummy!):

Here is Missy with her handmade ornament by Jill (p.s. check out her hand stamped scarf):

And here is me with my beautiful hot plate made by Adrian:

Fun, right? Then we had make and take time.... We made fold-out scrapbooks using the Holly Berry Bouquet DSP in the Holiday Mini Catalog. Here's some pictures of the project:

And inside....

And one more:

I saw this project at convention in Salt Lake City this past July. I loved the idea -- it's a great little mini book with 8 pages that you can add photos and journaling to. It makes a great gift or just a holiday decoration you can pull out each year to remember Christmas 2011!

Want to join the Christmas fun next year? Because I'm attending Leadership in San Antonio, Texas in January, I'm going to be able to offer my new team members a great special on December 13 & 14th! Be sure to check back here for more details -- or just e-mail me and I'll give you the scoop.

I also have a wonderful box of new products from the upcoming Occasions mini catalog sitting on my floor! So, you'll probably want to check back for some new samples using my new toys, too!

Have a great weekend!

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