Apr 23, 2012

 Hello. Here I am.... It's still Monday! For those of you who are on my e-mail list, I promised you a post today about this fun match book scrapbook album that I made for some Easter photos.

Well, it's still Monday, so while I didn't have it up first thing this morning, I still held up my end of the bargain!

This is a fun project to do for National Scrapbooking Day on May 5. How's that for coincidence... National Scrapbooking Day falls on my birthday and on Cinco De Mayo this year -- too bad I'll be working this year. I'm sure I'll have time to go out with the girls after our concert... Maybe I'll be able to even squeeze in some scrapbooking in the morning and make it fully complete birthday celebration!

Anyway, back to the topic! This is a great project to do in one sitting. I'm thinking of maybe doing it as a class... anyone interested? It's pretty simple with just three pieces of cardstock stitched together. Here are some more photos:

Here's a view with the top open. It has 10 pages inside to decorate and showcase photos. You simply take a sheet of cardstock that is 11" by 4.25 and score at 4 3/4" and 10". Then you need two pieces that measure 8.5" by 4" both of those are scored at 4.25.

You fold on all the scores and thread the two smaller pieces inside the longer (11" by 4.25) piece. (Although as a little tip it is better to wait to tie in the pages until you have them all decorated).

I stapled the bottom "matchbook" portion with a regular stapler and then just covered the staples with some ribbon. Easy Peasy.

Here are some more photos:

What do you think? Fun, right? Please share a link if you make one of your own Matchbook Scrapbooks! Happy Monday....

P.S. Do you love the papers and colors in this scrapbook? I used the Spring Fever Simply Scrappin' Kit from the Occasions Mini Catalog... hurry and order yours now as the Mini Catalog is done as of April 30!

Apr 6, 2012

Scrapbooking with Stamps - Part 4

Howdy. Happy Easter weekend. I hope you have plans to spend the weekend surrounded with friends and family.

I've actually had this page that I'm going to share with you today done for a few weeks. I had been dragging my feet on posting it because the photos I took were not the best.

However, tonight I just decided that enough with my dawdling (is that how you spell that or did I just make up a word?)... just post already! So here it is. Part 4 of my scrapbooking with stamps series. This one focuses on using stamps to create journaling cards or spots for your pages. I love the pre-designed cards that are designed for you to just scribble out your journaling and plop it on a page... like this or this.

With this technique, you can use your stamps to create your own journaling tags, which in turns adds to the value of owning your own stamps. For this page, I used the Rue Des Fleurs stamp set from the Occasions Mini Catalog to stamp the edges of my very vanilla cardstock. I used a light color so that if necessary, I could write right on top of the stamped images if I found I had a lot to say. Or if you prefer you can just stay "within the lines" of the stamped images.

Here is a picture of the whole two-page layout:

Sorry, this is the photo that's not so hot, but I think you get the idea. It uses some of the Attic Boutique Side Notes on the left hand page and then my hand stamped journaling spot is on right hand page at the top. I used a combination of both pre-made journaling spots as well as a personalized one for this page, but you could easily make all of yours using your stamps. Of course, the lovely Side Notes are a wonderful addition to any page.

I am off to snuggle into bed and read my book. Love nights like that - especially when there is no pressure to get up for work in the morning. I did join a gym a couple of weeks ago and I'm committed to going at least three times a week (preferably four) so I do need to get my bottom over there tomorrow to keep my promise. Here's to losing 17 pounds by my birthday in May!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend... perhaps with some stamping or scrapbooking involved!

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