Jul 26, 2013

Stampin' Up Convention 2013: Swaps!

Hello there again! I'm back with some more convention highlights. Today I thought I'd show you one of the swaps I made for convention. This one was a card I made for one of my recent card classes (I have card class on the last Tuesday of every month -- another one is coming up on Tuesday, July 30!)

I made 40 of this swap and used it for an organized swap with the Ronda Wade Creating Success team. The theme was to create a swap that was easy enough to demonstrate in a workshop setting, but still packs some "prettiness." I thought this one fit the bill... I love the new In Colors -- I used Pistachio Pudding, Coastal Cabana and Strawberry Slush on this one.

I also used the Flower Shop Stamp Set and matching punch. I love them!  Here is another photo of the swap -- a little closer up...

So tell me what is your favorite color from the New In Colors? For me it's Coastal Cabana -- hands down! :)

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Jul 24, 2013

Stampin' Up! Convention 2013: Community Service Project.... & Stitch Fix!

Hello there! I'm back again with some more stories from convention 2013. Our theme for this year was "Be the Difference." I really love that Stampin' Up has always been so committed to making a difference so this theme was really nice. Especially considering we were asked to take part and a really sweet community service project while we were in Utah. This is a picture of the inside of one of the 2,000 birthday kits we put together for the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City.
It's a super cute little kit designed to help the 10 or so patients each month that celebrate their birthday while in the hospital fighting for their life. They showed us a really sweet video with pictures of some of the kids and a video about the "Wishing Wall" Stampin' Up previously donated to the hospital. I don't think I got a picture of it, but it was a cute wall with two little kids (a boy and a girl) and a tree made up of all scallop circles. Each circle had a different wish written on it from either one of the children or their family members. It was sweet.
Anyway onto the project. Here is a picture of Anna and me as we were assembly our birthday banner...
I discovered that I wasn't so good at talking and working... I had to keep taking my banner apart and rethreading it since I kept bringing the ribbon up from the bottom and then it wasn't so pretty... but eventually I got it finished:
We packed up that banner, a cute little journal that Stampin' Up already had done, and a stamp, stampin' spots and a birthday cake poster and sealed them up with cute little stickers. Here is a picture of what was inside the kits that I took while we were waiting in line:

Super cute, right? Here is one last picture of me and Anna standing in front of the boxes and boxes of birthday kits all packaged up and ready for delivery...
It felt good to help out. I hope the little kiddos enjoy their kits! :)
Now onto something else at the moment that is quite a bit more selfish, but oh so fun! So have you heard of Stitch Fix? It is the coolest new thing and I signed up for it yesterday and now I am giddy with excitement anticipating my first "fix." It's basically having your own personal shopper who ships adorably cute and stylish gear right to your door as often as you'd like! You pay $20 for each shipment, but if you end up keeping anything in you Stitch Fix box, that $20 goes towards what you purchase. They send you like five or six items that you get to try on in the comfort of your own home. Fun! I plan to share what they send to me -- and maybe get some advice on what to keep. If it sounds fun feel free to use this link to register (it gives me a little referral credit), but even if you don't use that link you should go check it out... I was having dreams about my first box of goodies last night! Did I ever tell you that I first signed up as a Stampin' Up demo after I was dreaming about stamps and colors... I don't know, this sounds like a match to me! :)
I'll be back soon with details on my first box of goodies!!

Jul 23, 2013

Stampin' Up Convention 2013: I made the boards!

One of the highlights of every Stampin' Up event is the many display boards that are up for photo-taking. What was even more exciting for me this year was that I had submitted 10 projects for the Artisan Award (sadly, I didn't make it to the finalists), which means I was on the look-out for some of my submissions on the display boards.

It's like a little scavenger hunt! Not all 10 of my projects made it to the boards, but several did! (I'll have to show you the others in another post).

In this photo you can see my scrapbook page in the upper left-hand corner. I have to say this was one of my favorite entries this year. It may not be the most ground-breaking as far as design is concerned, but it really meant a lot to me personally.

As many of you may know I lost my Mom last year (you can read more about that here) and we had to sell her house. So I made this layout in tribute to the house where I grew up. It was the only home I ever knew as a kid -- I was born there and lived there until I ventured out on my own in 1999. Here is a close-up picture of the page:

That's a picture of my house as a kid. That tree in the photo is a Mimosa Tree. They are super pretty when they are blooming, but make an awful mess as the flowers die off... we used to fight over who had to park their car under it! But I digress.

I was inspired to create this page from the Miranda Lambert song by the same name (The House That Built Me). The journaling in the top right is actually lyrics from her song. The bottom four scallop circles have some of the memories that I have from the house.

Journaling: "We buried our one & only dog "Snoopy" in the backyard. I caught fireflies in the front yard on countless summer evenings. My first date knocked on that door in 1994. I celebrated every birthday until I was 23 in this house. My house."

I had a few other items make the Convention 2013 display boards as well. Here is a picture of one of my 3-D items (we had to submit three scrapbook pages, five cards and two 3-D items for the Artisan Award). Here is my canvas pocket and matching bookmark:

Do you see it? The bookmark is on top in between the two very cute scrapbook pages. The little envelope to hold it is underneath the bookmark.

I have a hard time with 3-D items so this was the last thing I made. I just couldn't figure out what to do. My first 3-D item came to me first actually and was the very first thing I made. (I'll show you those in a separate post -- they didn't make the display boards, but I saved pictures of them!).

I also had a couple of cards make the display boards including my favorite... this wedding card:

Each of those little white scallops is the itty bitty label from the itty bitty labels punch pack. It was a lot of effort to put this one together, but I really liked how it came out. I was very happy to see it on the boards.

I had originally planned to make a wedding dress out of the little bitty scallops, but when I tried to put my vision down on paper, it ended up looking more like a mermaid than a wedding dress. I could have re-done it (or gone with the mermaid idea), but instead decided to go with this more elegant version.

One last card to share with you for today. I think that is all I had on the boards, but I'll have to go through my pictures again just to make sure. Below is a picture of a birthday card I made using the now-retired Patio Party Designer Series Paper ... that was one of my favorite last year, but I have oh-so-many new favorites now :)

Ok, that's enough about me today... I hope you enjoyed my project. I think I will try again next year for the Artisan Award... maybe I'll just get a head start and beginning in December! Ten projects is a lot!

Which of these projects do you like best? I always enjoy learning what my friends and customers like...

Come back soon for some more details on my trip to Salt Lake City for the Stampin' Up convention. :)

Jul 22, 2013

Stampin' Up Convention 2013: Day 1

Hello There! I so wanted to blog while I was at convention this year -- I even brought along my computer so I could. But you know what? We were so stinkin' busy for those three days I was completely wiped out by the time we got back to the hotel room. I know, I know that really shouldn't have been an excuse! :) But that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

However, I am going to make it up to you by doing a series of posts about my trip to the Stampin' Up Convention in Salt Lake City.

Here is a photo of what the hall looked like after the end of our first general session. Were you looking for your Stampin' Up demonstrator last week? I think I found her! There were 5,800 of us attending this year. It is our 25th anniversary so there were more people attending than I think ever before. We even had demonstrators from other parts of the world -- like Australia, New Zealand and France. Pretty cool.

Anna and I arrived early afternoon on Thursday, which was the first day of convention. Our opening general session started at 5:30 so we had no room for delays or hold-ups and that had me a little worried, but everything turned out fine. We arrived in plenty of time.

The first session featured a visit from Ronald McDonald. As many of you may know Stampin' Up is a national sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and Shelli announced at convention that we are now Global sponsors of the charity. Each year a portion of the sales of one of our stamp sets benefits the Ronald McDonald Charities -- this year it is the Tag It stamp set. Stampin' Up had donated millions of dollars over the years because of this annual fundraising drive. Here's a picture of Ronald with Shelli on stage:

He shared some really sweet stories of the kids in the Ronald McDonald houses and how their lives have been touched by the wishing wall that was established by Stampin' Up in Salt Lake City. Family and friends get to write messages and wishes on the wall for the patients. It was really sweet. Ronald even got teary eyed and cried. It's very unusual for Shelli to be the composed one on stage (it's sort of a joke that she needs to carry Kleenex on stage every time she comes out), but she was actually the one comforting Ronald. It was sweet.

We also got our convention bag during the first general session. That's always a big highlight of any Stampin' Up event -- the bag! Here's a picture of Anna with her back pack. This back pack is awesome it has seven pockets inside including a spot for your lap top! It's really cool and it made taking photos super easy (hands free!).

Of course, we had lots of stamping in opening general session, too. Pam Morgan was our first stamper she did some fun and quick stamping projects.

Here are a couple of pictures from her presentation:
She used the Ronald McDonald House stamp set, Tag It. Aren't these the cutest bags? I love the new chevron bags in the annual catalog. Especially the bundle with the matching tags accessories kits. And the Tag It stamp set is perfect for tags!

Here is one more picture of Pam's ideas from opening general session...

Just a couple of quick card ideas...

Well, I'll be back again soon with some more convention stories and photos -- it really was a jam-packed three days!



Jul 9, 2013

Top Five Tuesday: Why I've been MIA for so long...

Well hello! Long time no talk. Sorry about that... I thought for my Top Five Tuesday post this week (heck, this month!) I would explain why I've been absent for so long here on the old blog-o. So here goes...

1. The dog ate my latest crafty project and I didn't think you'd care to see it after she was done with it -- oh, wait! I don't have a dog...

2. The extreme heat the past few weeks melted the rubbah on my stamps and I had to reorder all of my products again... Nope. That doesn't sound right.

3.   I was grounded for coming home after curfew... Not likely.

4. All my ink dried up and I had nothing to stamp with -- yeah, um... have you stamped with the new firm foam ink pads -- if so, you probably don't believe that either.

5. I was too busy daydreaming about convention? Will that work? It's sort of true -- although I haven't been daydreaming... I've been planning the trip and prepping my soon-to-be enormous pile of swaps!

In all honesty, I don't really have any set reason for why I haven't been visiting the old blog of late. I am leaving for convention, though, next week so number 5 is probably the closest to accurate.

I'm not promising anything, but I do hope to make a more regular appearance around here... I'm even going to try and set up some posts to publish while I'm at convention next week. If you're not already friends with me on Facebook, you'll defintely want to do that before next week so that you can stay up to date on all the exciting things I'll be doing while at the 25th anniversary convention for Stampin' Up! (The picture above was from Leadership earlier this year when we first kicked off the 25 year celebration!)

We'll "chat" soon...
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