May 23, 2017

Teach Me Tuesday: Baby Wipe Stamp Pad

Do you ever feel like you're on a hamster wheel and can't get off? That's how I've been feeling lately! Working for yourself is exhausting ... wink, wink (well, and I've taken on a few other projects recently so that's added to the work load.)

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do to stop the crazy wheel from spinning in my head is to create something. Granted, when I first start the wheel (of unending thoughts) will keep distracting me, but eventually I get so involved with what I'm creating that all that other "stuff" stops, and that makes that stupid, squeaky wheel stop, too -- for at least a moment.

Creativity truly does take up most of your brain space when you're actively in create mode -- so it is a great solution when you're feeling overwhelmed with life. And I've got the perfect thing for you to try to test out this theory!

It's Tuesday, so as you know, that means it's time for another Teach Me Tuesday episode. Today, I'm showing you the Baby Wipe Stamp pad technique. This is a great way to get multiple colors on a stamped image without having to hand color them with your markers.

Here's some samples of today's technique:

It creates this really cool "merged" color effect. Check out the video below and then let me know what you think! While you're over on YouTube, be sure to subscribe to my channel

And here's a sample of the finished card using this technique. It uses the Friendly Wishes stamp set, which sadly is retiring at the end of this month. As of yesterday (May 22), all stamp sets are now on a "while supplies last" basis. So if you see anything you like, make sure you get it ASAP!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you'd like to do a little shopping (and check out what will be retiring from the Stampin' Up catalog, visit my online store HERE.)

Until next time...

Keep Stampin' (it keeps the hamster wheel quiet)!

May 9, 2017

Teach Me Tuesday: Scrapbooking with Stamps

I have a confession today. I hoard stamp sets. Like lots of them. And there's nothing wrong with that (and I'm sure many of you likely do the same thing!). So today I wanted to share with you a fun way to get lots of mileage out of your stamp sets -- particularly if you are a scrapbooker!

Today's post actually goes along with my Teach Me Tuesday video from today. So maybe you should check that out first. Go ahead... go watch now. I'll wait here.

Did that give you some ideas? I hope so. Scrapbooking with stamps has so many benefits... you always have the right color embellishment, you can make as many of a certain element as you need and you can use it over and over again and get different looks each time!

So I wanted to share the finished results with you here since the page wasn't quite finished in my video.

Here is the full 2-page spread:

Here is the finished two-page spread. Now that it is all together, I think it might have been better if I did the chevron pattern on the right-hand side of the second page. Oh well. Done is better than perfect, right? Also, you'll notice I added a little journaling block to the left-hand page and I added the chevron pattern to that, too. Love the coordination! You can see a close-up of the journaling box below:

And here is the close-up of the embellishment I created in the video... except I did end up adding in a red scallop circle layer to add a bit more contrast. I also added some bling, because every page is more complete with a little bling (wink, wink)!

I hope you have been inspired to pull out those stamp sets! If you want a little more inspiration for scrapbooking with stamps, be sure to check out this post, and this one... oh, and this one, too!

Thanks so much for visiting. If you need some more stamps for your stash, you can shop online HERE. (hee hee)

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