Jul 31, 2017

Going Above & Beyond...

If there is one thing that Stampin' Up knows how to do, it is to spoil it's top achievers! This company knows how to put together an incentive trip and is the absolute best at pulling off all those little details.

Anyway, I wanted to share some more photos from my trip to Thailand courtesy of Stampin' Up. From the moment we arrive, we are treated like royalty. Stampin' Up rented the entire Angsana Laguna resort for us (so only Stampin' Up families and staff were on site)! Here are some photos from the resort:

First we were welcomed with our name on our door. It's really fun to walk down the hallway and find all the names of my fellow achievers and friends!

This was the view from our balcony

This was our room

This was outside one of the restaurants (Baan Talay)

I loved all these adorable little lanterns. They were really beautiful when it was all lit up at night.

The entire resort was set in the middle of a lagoon, so there were fun little "rivers" and bridges throughout the resort.

Here's one of the cute bridges.

The resort was huge! We were still discovering new places a day or two after we arrived. That could have been because we were still in a jet lag fog, too, but regardless... the resort was BIG.

There was an amazing pool on the property, that swirled it's way through the resort and ended at this big pool complete with a beach! The sand actually continued into the water so you could really feel like you were on the beach.

Speaking of the beach... there was that, too! You couldn't swim in the water where we were (I heard you could if you walked a ways down the beach), but we did have a delightful dinner buffet on the beach one night.

This is one of the restaurants (Bodega Grill) all lit up at night. As a side note, we had breakfast one morning right at that table behind the front pole in the middle. :)

This was the cool swim up bar... we had a cocktail one afternoon while swimming around. It was quite delightful!

So clearly, Stampin' Up selected an amazing hotel for us. They also covered our meals for us (in addition to the flight and hotel costs for two!). We had a grand buffet every morning in one of three different restaurants... the Marketplace was my favorite. Here are some photos from that buffet.

A lovely welcome to us each morning... all carved out of watermelon!

This was the top of the fruit table, with the two carved watermelons

This was the fruit buffet

This was the other side of the fruit buffet... I think it was mostly salad-type options. I didn't eat from here as I'm not a salad-in-the morning kind of person. (smile)

This was the hot food station. We had an assortment of things to try from bacon and sausage, to more "meal" type stuff like rice and curries.

This was one of the egg stations

This was the bread and pastries section

This was one of my favorite spots... at the very end was the waffle and pancakes station (complete with chocolate sauce and whipped cream) and then at the closest end here was the juice station. I became completely obsessed with guava juice! The fresh squeeze grape juice was pretty amazing, too.

So that amazing breakfast was included every morning thanks to Stampin' Up. Plus, we also had the hospitality room every day. There was always a daily treat of some kind, plus an endless stash of candy (both American and Thai) and beverages. It also had cute little couches and lounging areas for us to catch up and chat with fellow demonstrators. I'll share those photos in a separate post as this one is already photo heavy. I'll also share our pillow gifts with you -- but that will have to wait until after the new holiday catalog is live - since we received lots and lots of new catalog goodies!

If you've ever thought about becoming a demonstrator, now is a great time. Today is the last day to take advantage of the amazing starter kit deal! In addition to getting a great deal on the best paper crafting products around, you'll also be signing up just in time for the busy holiday crafting season and just in time to start working towards earning a cruise to the Greek Isles! Wouldn't that be amazing?

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Thanks for stopping by today... until next time, Happy Stampin'!


Jul 28, 2017

Stampin' Up Incentive Trip: Thailand Swap Inspiration

How did it get to be Friday already? Seriously, this week has been a whirlwind. I'm sorry I'm a day late with this post -- I had all good intentions of getting these swap cards up yesterday, but Thursday was a marathon of meetings... I didn't even get to eat lunch yesterday! I was so happy to get back home at 10PM and just plop on my couch!

Anyway, as promised, here are some of my favorite swaps from the Thailand incentive trip. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of my own swap so I can't share that with you -- but these are awesome so I'm sure you'll find some great inspiration here! In no particular order...

This beauty was made by Winona Semler, Canada

I love this one -- I'm going to need to make one of these, too! This one is by Barbara Lash, Massachusetts (Funny how I go to the other side of the world to swap cards with someone right in my own state, right?? :)

This lovely is by Debra Burgin, Illinois
This card inspired this week's Teach Me Tuesday video!

I love this one by my friend Lorri Heiling, Arizona

This set is gorgeous and Nadine Langenscheidt from Germany (I think!) did a beautiful job with her swap.

Last but certainly not least was the beautiful creation (love the embossing paste) from Pam McLean, Canada

Swapping is one of my favorite parts of being a demonstrator! So many wonderful ideas and seriously some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! 

Don't forget, if you'd like to become one of the greatest crafting families on the planet (we are a worldwide company, you know!), the starter kit special is still in effect for just a few more days!

As always, the starter kit is a great deal at just $99 plus tax (FREE shipping). You get to select $125 worth of product of YOUR choice -- anything you want! Then during the "Christmas in July" promotion, you will also receive a stamping essentials gift pack (a $72 value) for FREE! It includes two size "D" blocks, a pack of grid paper for stamping, paper snips scissors, a snail adhesive, a bone folder and the brand new Carols of Christmas stamp set that will be available to customers in a pre-release next month -- but you can have it now!

For more information about becoming a Shore Stamper with me, click HERE. And if you're ready to start your crafting journey (for the discount or as a business!) click HERE. And as always, if you have any questions or if I can help with anything... be sure to email me at jenpitta (at) comcast (dot) net.

Thanks so much for stopping in today... have a great weekend!


Jul 20, 2017

Let's Talk about Thailand

Oh my word. I had such an amazing time in Thailand for the Stampin' Up incentive trip last week! It was most definitely a trip of a lifetime. I am completely messed up schedule-wise still, though. It is 5AM and I have been up for nearly 3 hours already! Those of you that know me, know that I am NOT an early morning girl, but perhaps this trip is going to change me! I even stayed up later than I've managed to do since I got home (a whopping 9PM), but yet, I still woke up five hours later wide awake and ready to get my day started.

Oh well, at least I'm being productive, right? I've written two press releases, uploaded all my photos for printing and updated my to-do list all before 5AM!

Anway, I won't bore you with all the details of my trips (want to sit down and view my 5,000 slides anyone? lol), but I did want to write a little bit about the trip.

First, I just want to say thank YOU. If it weren't for you and my fabulous Shore Stampers team I would not have had this amazing experience. I probably don't say this enough, but thank you so, so much for all your support of my little business. And I don't just say that because I've earned a trip because of it (although that is a really great perk!), I honestly am so very grateful for the impact that my customers and stamping family of Shore Stampers have had on me. I said it before, but this company, it's products and the people it has connected me to has been a life-changer.

Enough of my blubbering... let's talk about the trip! 

The hands-down favorite of the trip was my excursion to the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary (I highly recommend you follow them on Facebook -- so fun to see the elephant adventures). It was so amazing to be walking with these creatures and witnessing them "just being elephants." There are currently four elephants at the sanctuary, all of which were rescued from either the tourism industry or the logging industry. Pioneering ethical elephant tourism, the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary offers a retirement home for sick, injured, and old elephants who have worked an exhausting life. 

This is Madee on the left and Kannika on the right (I think!). Kannika is the youngest elephant at the sanctuary. She is in her mid-30s. Our guide, Nong, told us that they hope that she will eventually be able to have a baby, but they need to build more elephant shelters to house male elephants.

In the photo above, the two of them were playing in a mud puddle. They got themselves good and covered in mud (which they actually often do as sunblock), but this day immediately after playing in the mud (and they were truly playing, stomping their feet and spraying mud everywhere -- in fact I got sprayed with mud at one point!) they went for a swim in the lagoon.

I love this photo right after Kannika (I think!) got in... look at the water around her... it's filthy!

Probably the best part of the day was shortly after this photo was taken. Kannika decided to go up on the hill and knock down some bamboo trees (they eat them because it's good for their digestion). Well, she was apparently up there too long, because Madee started making a raucous until she came back down. Kannika quickly came "running" down the hill and met her in the water to trumpets and happy squeaks. You can actually see the whole thing in the video I took below. It seriously gave me goosebumps. So, so sweet.

Be sure to have your sound up when you watch. The first noise is strange! I didn't know what it was at first when I was at the sanctuary, but our lovely guide Nong told us it was Madee telling Kannika to come back. I love that when Kannika comes down she has bamboo leaves on her face (you can see it when I zoom in) and the person talking is our guide. She was so cute! 

(Note: The downloaded video is a little blurry... you can view a better version of it on my Facebook page HERE)

And here is a picture of me with the adorable Nong (with all four elephants in the background):

Well, I had planned to talk about other things besides the elephant sanctuary today, but that took me a while! So I won't bore you with more now. Maybe I'll add some more posts about Thailand in the coming days/weeks.

Thanks so much for reading through my blabbering... and thanks again for all your support. It truly means the world to me!

Until next time...

Happy Stampin'!


Jul 4, 2017

Teach Me Tuesday: 3D Dynamic Textured Embossing Folders

Happy Fourth of July, friends! I hope you're spending the day doing something relaxing... beach? cookout? crafting?  We've been blessed with beautiful weather here on the Cape for the holiday. I did a little of the beach yesterday, a cookout tonight and some crafting today. So all in all, a great holiday.

Although I must admit as much as I enjoyed getting a base tan for my vacation at the beach with my bestie, yesterday wasn't the best of days. I got bit by a dog on my walk yesterday morning -- no worries, he only caught my pants (he ripped a whole in them, though!). Thankfully, they were just my workout pants. And then last night I scraped the decorative wall in my sister's driveway with my new car. I'm so bummed. Good news is that it shouldn't cost too much to fix. Just an added thing "to do."

I'm a bit ridiculously sad about it, though. For those of you that know me, you know I get pretty attached to my cars. My last one I had for 212,000 miles. I literally cried when I traded her in last year. Me and Rosy were partners in crime (not really -- there were no crimes!) for 10 years! My new little car and I are relatively new, but I feel so sad that I hurt her (yes, I know, I'm nuts). But no worries, it's just a car. I'll get her fixed up good as new. The best part is that no one was hurt. I'm mostly just mad at myself as it was totally preventable. I was just being dumb.

Anyway, I do have some craftiness to share with you today. This card is actually the "thank you" card my Stamp of the Month attendees will get this week.

I'm hosting one more class before my amazing vacation to Thailand courtesy of Stampin' Up (I still can't believe this is happening)! Stamp of the Month class features one stamp set (this month it's the adorable Crafting Forever set) and we make four "stepped up" cards -- this month we're focusing on coloring with blender pens.

Each month I also make a fifth design to give everyone as a thank you for attending class (or purchasing the "to go" kit). That's the card I'm sharing today. Guests also get a hand-stamped thank you gift from me, too. I like to spoil my stampers at this class.

My Teach Me Tuesday video this week features this card. So you can watch that HERE and see how I made this card using the 3D Dynamic Textured Embossing Folders from Stampin' Up.

Would you like to get the kits "to go?" All you need to do is order the Crafting Forever stamp set and the two inks we use (Lemon Lime Twist and Berry Burst) in my online store using this month's hostess code: TTV2TRT2. Then shoot me an email at jen pitta (at) comcast (dot) net and let me know you'd like one of the kits and I'll pop one in the mail to you. Be quick, though, as I only prepped 10 kits this month.

Okay... that's all for today. I have a ton of stuff to do to get ready for my trip. I hope you enjoy your Fourth of July! A special shout out to all the military personnel (past and present!) that have worked so hard and sacrificed so much so that I can be free. Each and every one of you are my hero. Thank you!

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