Jul 2, 2019

The Bucket List of Summer Photos For Scrapbookers

When the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer, I don't really spend as much time in my craft room creating. Can you relate? But summer is my very favorite season and I love to document in -- particularly when I'm up to my eyeballs in snow say, mid-February! But in order to do that, I need to make sure I've planned ahead and have summer photos at the ready.

I am not a chronological scrapbooker, so I like to think about the quintessential photos that tell the story of summer without being a 100th page on a family cookout or another summer birthday layout -- not that there is anything wrong with those things -- I just like to find the "bigger picture" in the smaller moments.

So here are my suggestions for the top five "must have" summer photos for scrappin' next winter (how dare I write that word right now!):

1. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream. One of my favorite activities in the summer (and all year, really) is getting ice cream at one of the many ice cream shops on Cape Cod. Be sure to grab a photo of your favorite ice cream treat or sticky little ice cream-soaked fingers with a backdrop of your favorite go to ice cream location.

2. Water Play. Whether you're an ocean, pond, lake or sprinkler family -- be sure to catch some good waves & rays. Try and think of a unique story to capture... perhaps shell hunting with photos of the search and the resulting treasures. Or maybe each summer you walk the length of your favorite beach counting the boats -- document the steps in the sand, the start & finish and, of course, a few of the boats, too.

3. Summer Play List. There's something about the warmth and sunshine that makes me want to blare my radio more than any other time of year. What's your summer playlist and how can you document it? Or maybe you have a tune of the summer each year -- tell us what it is and why? Maybe take a photo of the fancy car screen with the name and artist (if you have that... I don't so I'll have to find another way to document).

4. Bottom's Up. And no, I don't mean actually bottoms! I'm talking cocktails, my friend! Whether it's a fruity rum punch or a non-alcoholic Arnold Palmer, take some photos and document your favorite hot weather thirst quencher. Here's one I could use last summer -- my friend Amie & I took a liking to Strawberry Daiquiri's last July when cruising the coast of Alaska!

5. Summer Shenanigans. There's something about summer that makes us silly! Document those goofy moments -- you know, when you're nephew puts the beach bucket on his head or the dog is sprawled out on the floor with his tongue hanging out trying to cool off. What photo can you take that shows that some like it "hot" -- or maybe that some don't! 

When you're documenting summer, don't just think Fourth of July and cookouts -- what's the "deeper" stories -- summer traffic, your favorite go-to summer shoe or your favorite fried food locale.

I hope you'll make your own summer photo bucket list and share it with me -- or better yet. Share the photos you plan to scrapbook at a crop with me this fall!

Here's to a photographic summer!


Jun 18, 2019

Spotlight on Perfectionism

Can I tell you something I've been struggling with lately? I've been wanting to revitalize this blog for months now. Months. But I'm struggling with perfectionism. What's funny is if you were to ask me if I am a perfectionist, I would tell you no. But it literally just became clear to me this morning that everything I'm holding myself back from is due to perfectionism. There, I said it.

"You should wait until you have something important to say."
"You should start eating better on a day when you haven't already overshot your calorie goal."
"You should go shopping because nothing you own right now looks good on you."

All things I've told myself within the last 24 hours. I didn't realize what has been holding me back both personally and professionally has been a major case of not being "up to par." I'm telling you here because, well, I think calling it out is the first step in making a change. And I suspect, I'm not the only one that talks to herself so negatively - and I hope by admitting it here that perhaps it may help you see that you're not being kind to yourself either.

So here it is. My first blog post in over a year. I hope it won't be my last. And if you don't hear from me in a while, maybe you should reach out... I may have fallen into the perfectionism trap again!

Since I'm spotlighting perfectionism today. I thought a great technique to show you would be "spotlighting" (see what I did there?).

It's a super fun (and easy!) stamping technique that allows you to highlight just the aspect of a card that you would like to show off (Don't you wish we could do that with ourselves??).

Anyway, this technique is great for large line-art images -- particularly if you don't want to do the intricate coloring required for the image. But today, I'm using this technique on a way simpler image and it still works!

I'm featuring the brand new "Over the Moon" stamp set from Stampin' Up. This adorable stamp set is the one I'll be using in my Stamp of the Month class this Thursday (June 20th) at the Chatham Community Center here on Cape Cod. If you're local and want to come, let me know as I still have some space available and would love to have you join us! Class begins at 6 p.m. and costs $15 or is free with a qualifying order.

And since it's Tuesday, I also have a video of this technique to share with you. I hope it inspires you to try this technique, too. If you do, I'd love for you to share it with me ... give me a shout out on my Facebook page.

Shop Online: www.jenpitta.stampinup.net

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